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Reviewing your team performance is a critical component of your business. In fact, if you continually review your team's performance on a regular basis, you should see a dramatic difference to your turnover and your profits.

This is usually because you are increasing the level of communication between your self, your team members and other staff.

Not only will your team be happier because they are receiving feedback about their performance, they will also perform better because they have a benchmark to go off. If you put yourself in their shoes for just one moment, think about how they will work

if they have no idea about how they are going. They will simply flounder and go no where, because they are not receiving useful feedback that can guide them along the way.

An Employee Review is simply one method of getting the issues 'out there' and talked about. It is also one piece of the systems manual that you should be striving to implement in your business. Often the problem with all these system based documents is that they take significant time to create and setup. The easiest way to fix this is to get hold of templates.

Employee Review Template

An Employee Review Template is a document that you can use to set up your own Employee Review Form. It will have typical items within it that you can use in practically any business. Employee Performance is obviously based on people, so typical human response are required for any job. A basic example of this is;

Team member relates well to others and works as part of a team.

This could be used in any business as it is a common requirement. This is just one example of how a template can certainly help you save time and money. If you are looking for an Employee Review Template, then consider your options online. You can download an Electronic Template here and start using it immediately.

Using templates is going to save you significant time and money. It will also allow you to not have to 'rack your brain' for ideas to put in your Employee Review Document. Creating system documents for your business should be easy and straigh forward and using templates to do this, certainly makes it a lot easier.

So what other types of things should be in an Employee Review Document? Well, you could be very specific or you could be very broad depending on the size of your business, the number of staff you have and each of their experince and the role they are performing.

Employee Review Template | Examples

Here are some more examples that would be suitable for a template. This example is based on an office junior admisnistration assitant.

- Arrives to work on time.

- Keeps desk clean and tidy at all times.

- Proactively asks for tasks to be completed when they have finished the previous task.

- Presentation is good. Dresses appropriately for the position.

- Proactively makes suggestions before simply asking Manager what to do next.

You can see these are basic examples that will apply to the type of position.

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